Security Access Control Systems

Secure Access Control Systems prevent unauthorised access to sensitive and restricted areas in a range of buildings and premises. Property access can be designed to restrict and control vehicular and/or pedestrian entry and admission via entry / exit points and external boundaries. Controlled Property Access examples include;

  • Entry and Access to commercial buildings and premises
  • Entry and Access to parking facilities within commercial premises
  • Limit Admission and Access to restricted areas within commercial properties / facilities
  • Prevent access to hazardous and sensitive areas
  • Prevent access to premises outside of authorised time frames
  • Perimeter security including Alarmed Fences and physical barriers

Securing unauthorised access to properties and premises is the first step in an overall Access Control security solution. Organisations can monitor and record vehicular and pedestrian access via a range of entry readers. These reader examples include;

  • Access Code.
  • Proximity card.
  • Swipe Card.
  • Fingerprint.
  • Iris.
  • Face recognition.

Access Control Systems can be installed individually but are most effective when installed with an Integrated Security alarm System. Integral Security Management has the expertise and track record in providing Secure Access Control Solutions and Systems for a range of Commercial, Industrial and Government clients.

DIS has designed,  a range of Access Control Security systems for a variety of commercial and business premises, ranging in size and technical complexity. If you are looking for a cost effective access control security system and solution from a leading security firm or wish to move from your existing security provider.