Ecommerce Solutions 
Electronic commerce or ecommerce is all the tools required to make money on the Web. It has become an extremely powerful way of expanding business and many major companies offer ecommerce to their clients. Ecommerce is like a global marketplace that gives traders the opportunity to increase their sales and therefore increase their profit. Internet advertising  offers tempting but economical boost to any size or kind of business. With ecommerce solution, you can expand your market margins to global horizons or squeeze them to highly focused market segments.

Giving online shoppers a trouble free experience is the most important achievement required of good ecommerce design. The competition on the internet is now fierce and retailers know that their ecommerce design has to be a superior polished product in keeping with their brand as it is perceived offline. That is why developers are constantly figuring out new ways to deliver ecommerce designs using specialist ecommerce architecture, according to what they perceive as their customers’ demands to improve sales.

The SEO is very important for every shopping directory as it is the best way to reach many potential customers on the internet. By making their site easy to use and easy to navigate customers can become familiar with a site and more likely to return due to the efficient and uncomplicated experience they have had. Clear and uncluttered layout would also help to add to the consumers ease of use and convenience when they are shopping. Also there is a need for good speed of delivery in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Good ecommerce solutions also need quality content. After making good search engine optimization and achieving enough audience of potential clients, there must be something that will impress them and hold their attention. Thats when the content plays its role. Remember that 95% of the people who come to your Web page won’t buy anything the first time. They have to become comfortable with your site, used to how you do your business, and feel secure enough to commit their hard earned dollars. If you have reliable and useful content, they will return, with credit card in hand.

If you want your ecommerce solution to be successful, you have to provide the customers pleasant shopping experience as a whole. That includes access to well categorized products with enough information, easy navigation and good search engine, and convenient ways of online paying and delivery. That will guarantee you success of your ecommerce business and increase the number of your loyal customers.
Find new customers and grow sales with ecommerce on your web site. If you want to add an online storefront with an ecommerce shopping cart to your web site or want to launch a new ecommerce site for your business, DIS will help you tap into an online revenue steam with its web development skills. With experience in business-to-business and consumer-oriented sites, we’ll design an interactive web experience that showcases your merchandise and entices shoppers to buy.

  • Control over categories and subcategories
  • Control over product information
  • Order management through control panel
  • Secure interface for credit card acceptance
  • Integration with online payment processors
  • Shipping configured with weight or price
  • Stock management programme
  • Ongoing technical support
 Shopping Experience

  • Intuitive personal shopper that makes recommendations to customers as the browse the site and select items to look at or purchase
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Customer log-in for order status and history
  • Email a friend feature to encourage new visitors