Closed Circuit Television / CCTV Security Systems

Closed Circuit Television, also known as CCTV, monitoring provides a cost effective video monitoring solution for any business or premises. Cameras can be located in either high profile locations or used discretely to deliver a 24/7 visual presence. This pro-active visual awareness provides essential security monitoring, detection and recording. These Systems can also provide remote voice and audible commands .Businesses can manage the operation of the CCTV system internally or outsource the solution to Integral Security Management for peace of mind.

Key Closed Circuit Television system capabilities include;

  • Remote Video Patrols provide 24/7 monitoring and early detection.
  • Perimeter sensors provide early warning and detection.
  • Video verification provides situational awareness.
  • Immediate playback, recording and archiving
  • Integrated Video and Alarm technologies provide real-time early warning and situational awareness capability.
  • Emergency and accident reporting capabilities
  • Reduce false alarms and callout situations

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring.

Closed Circuit Television Systems are arguably the most effective solution for the monitoring, surveillance and security of any property or premises. Closed Circuit Surveillance solutions can range from inexpensive 4 camera systems to large 500 camera systems with a variety of camera types.
Businesses are able to more effectively;

  • Review and document onsite incidents,
  • settle potential disputes and including employee theft,
  • Stock and property management
  • check on OH&S conformity and reduce fraudulent compensation claims,
  • provide video of theft or incidents to Police
  • Enable remotely log in from home to check on Management/premises issues.
  • Record Digital images immediately on or offsite for archiving and retrieval.

As part of your overall security solution, DIS can advise on the best site specific solution for your premises. ISM can;

  • Design install and maintain your CCTV solution
  • Monitor your premises 24/7 from a secure control centre
  • Provide ongoing review support and upgrades
  • Emergency response via remote or physical guards

DIS (P) Ltd. has designed,  a range of Closed Circuit TV Security systems for a variety of commercial and business premises, ranging in size and technical complexity. If you are looking for a cost effective CCTV solution with a leading security firm.