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DARI Informatics Services Pvt. Ltd. delivers a complete portfolio of transformational BPO, IT and  professional services developed solely to meet utilities industry challenges.

Corporate Mission Statement: To deliver collaborative and innovative solutions that optimize the experience of our clients and their customers.

DARI Informatics Services Pvt. Ltd. Business process outsourcing operations was incorporated with an objective to REDEFINE BPO AND ITES SERVICES.
Principal of  DIS (P) Ltd. is to maintain Excellence in Quality in all domains and aspects. DIS provides information technology solutions and services for the complete IT service chain – from consulting to systems integration and IT Infrastructure management right through to industry-specific IT solutions.

We are a dynamic ITE (IT Enabled) solutions provider for Onshore and Offshore clients across the globe, committed to operational excellence for its clients.
We deliver web solutions using the latest cutting edge technologies available today, delivering a range of Outsourcing services like Business Research, Back office solutions and Virtual Assistant Team. We take on many of your company’s everyday functions with a higher level of skilled work force that is more flexible than your traditional employee while reducing your overhead costs.

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